Rain‑X® Perfect Dose Car Wash A super concentrated 3-in-1 wash, rinse and wax formula

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Rain‑X® Perfect Dose Car Wash provides a super concentrated 3-in-1 wash, rinse and wax formula to ensure the perfect amount of car wash with less mess and wasted product for every wash. New water soluble film technology

allows car wash packs to dissolve quickly in water and allows for easy storage.

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 super concentrated wash, rinse and wax formula in one simple step
  • Less mess and wasted product compared to jug car wash alternatives
  • High foaming action
  • Product dissolves quickly in water
  • Easy storage
  • Available in a 15 pack count

Product Usage Instructions

  • For best results, avoid washing the car in direct sunlight
  • Rinse entire vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris
  • Place 1 Rain‑X® Perfect Dose pack in an empty bucket
  • Fill the bucket with approximately 2 gallons of water using the most powerful hose nozzle setting to fully activate foam. If your hose does not have a nozzle, place your finger across the hose spout to increase the water pressure.
  • Rinse off with clear water
  • Always wash and rinse one section at a time to prevent water spots
  • Dry with a chamois, 100% cotton cloth or microfiber towel

Note: Product may take longer to dissolve and foam in colder water.

Rain‑X® Perfect Dose™ Cold Weather Tips

Rain‑X® Perfect Dose™ Car Wash is designed to quickly dissolve in water to deliver the perfect dose of high foam car wash.  However, the nature of the water-soluble film is to dissolve more rapidly in warmer water than cold water.  Since the film permeates slowly in cold water, the car wash bucket may fill with water before the detergent has a chance to release, mix and foam. 

The chart outlines the expected time to begin foaming.

However, there are easy ways to use the product even in cold weather:

  1. Take the pail inside to a hot water tap and run the water until warm to the touch.  Place a single dose into the empty pail and add a strong stream of hot water to quickly dissolve and generate foam.  This works well filling the pail only part way so that it is lighter and easier to carry without spilling.  The pail may be topped off using cold water from the hose outside.  Sponging the warm water onto the vehicle is also more comfortable than using ice cold water from the hose.
  2. If hot water is not available, place the pouch into a small quantity of cold water in the pail and allow it to soak until the pouch softens and permeates.  This may take some time if the water is very cold, so do this before rinsing the vehicle and using wheel and/or tire cleaners to start the washing and detailing process.  Once the dose has begun to mix with the water, continue to fill the pail with a strong stream of water to generate high foam.