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Doesn’t lock in & video claims a universal adapt

Posted on: January 5th, 2021

The wiper blade was supposed to have the correct set up right out of the package it does not! I’d like a phone call! but scumbags would get my number as one or your software would post this with my # number….not hashtag hash tagging is the stripe a soldier sews on his uniform sleeve for every 4 years of military service…..You used to sell wiper blades that slid right into wiper arm frames, but you hated that it was easy to make ones that fit that way so “You All” manufacturers just had to make these special and you’ve kept screwing with it ever since…I paid very well for your high tech wiper blade material ! Quit the cheap ass trying to cut production costs on making the snap over door that locks in the blade on to the Large J hook wiper arm!!!!

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