Rain-X® Arch® Wiper Blades

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Rain-X® Arch® Wiper Blades

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Rain-X Arch (Beam) WIper Blade

The Perfect Upgrade from Traditional Wipers!

The Rain-X® Arch® beam blade is an excellent entry level beam style blade offering.  Trade up from traditional wiper blades for the improved pressure distribution and smooth wipe of a beam style wiper blade with Rain-X® Arch®.


Beam style blade technology

Curved design to provide a smooth wipe

Chatter-free wipe

Graphite coated rubber to help reduce friction and related noise

Good durability

Optimal curvature and pressure distribution for more even wear and extended blade life

Easy to install

Pre-installed adapter fits small and large J-Hook and Pin wiper arms while a packaged adapter covers PTB, I&L and P&H wiper arms See More