Rain‑X® WeatherArmor® Wiper Blades

  • Precision Engineered

    For Superior Weather Resistance.

  • Contour Design

    Designed for Maximum Windshield Contact & Quality Wipe Performance.

  • Industrial Grade Rubber

    For Extended Durability.

Rain-X WeatherArmor Wiper Blade
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Protects Against Damage

The Rain‑X® WeatherArmor™ industrial-grade T24.7™ synthetic rubber squeegee provides around-the-clock resistance to harsh elements such as weather, ozone and UV exposure. These conditions can cause rubber squeegees to degrade, resulting in diminished wipe performance.

The Rain‑X® WeatherArmor™ T24.7™ squeegee is more resistant to cracking compared to a natural rubber squeegee, based on third-party testing. This means less streaking, better driving visibility and smooth, clear wipe performance throughout the season.

Product Features

  • Industrial Grade Rubber for Extended Durability
  • Precision Engineered for Superior Weather Resistance
  • Designed for Maximum Windshield Contact & Quality Wipe Performance