Rain-X® Vision® Beam Wiper Blades

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Rain-X® Vision® Beam Wiper Blades

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Rain-X Vision (Beam) WIper Blade

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, make sure your windshield stays clear for optimal visibility with this Rain-X Vision Beam Wiper Blade. The Beam blade technology delivers ideal pressure distribution, and the curved design offers a smooth ...wipe. The wiper blade is made with graphite-coated rubber to reduce friction and noise when wiping.



Beam Blade Technology curved to provide a smooth wipe


No end caps on blade preventing ice scrapers from catching in inclement weather


All Weather Performance perfect for all seasons


Aerodynamic Styling with sleek blade construction

What People Are Saying

Overall rating based on 3 reviews

Does not fit Kia Soul J hook

May 03, 2021

Tried over 15 minutes to get it to fit and would not 'click ' in place. Very surprising since I was replacing a different model of RainX wipers. Also fit poorly in my Honda Civic, it fit in place but was not being held securely. First time in over 30 years driving that I have had this problem replacing wipers. What the heck did they do?

Size: 20"
- Rom

Fitment issues with new style adapters

March 19, 2021

Bought two sets of blades for my 2012 Mercedes and 2013 BMW to replace my existing Rain-X wipers that lasted over two years in Florida. Had issues with blade adapter fitment on both cars. Rain-X has changed their arm adapter style and missed the mark with proper fitment. The adapter is too wide to lock in on the Mercedes pin and side lock system. The adapters were no where near the proper size (too wide and too short) to slide into the BMW pinch lock arms. End result is that I removed the rubber wipers from the new Rain X blades and put them in the old Rain-X blades.

Size: 24"
- SD

Not for silverados

December 20, 2020

Said it would fit my 17 Silverado. Messed with it and the adaptors for 45 minutes. Pretty mechanically inclined, I've rebuilt 2 engines, so I doubt it's me. Just buy some Bosch wipers and enjoy your life instead!

Size: 22"
- Braden