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Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® Wiper Blades

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Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® was designed with the wiper blade consumer in mind. Qualitative focus group research provided insights to the top features and benefits desired in a wiper blade; consumers want it to be durable and long-lasting while co ...nsistently performing in a variety of temperatures and environmental conditions. From the icy cold winters in the north to the year-round blazing heat of the south, the next step in the innovation process was to develop a wiper blade that met these specifications.

Rain-X®, a brand leader in wiper blades and water repelling technologies, introduces the newest addition to the wiper blade portfolio. Rain-X® Silicone AdvantEdge® features a precision engineered silicone rubber squeegee, with proprietary graphite coating, specially formulated for use in wiper blades to provide ultimate durability and extreme all-weather performance.


Precision Engineered Silicone Rubber Squeegee

Silicone is a synthetic rubber widely used in industry today. Silicone is a versatile material, maintaining its chemical stability against wet weather, extreme temperatures, chemicals and oils and harsh environmental conditions. Silicone has a high tear-strength and its flexible nature allow it to withstand continuous stresses and pressures. Silicone is known for its durability and long life. It lasts longer than traditional natural rubbers. Silicone has superior resistance to the elements allowing it perform consistently while exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures. See More

Advanced Spring Beam Technology

The beam blade technology provides uniform pressure points along the length of the blade, allowing it to fit and mold to your windshield. The close contact with the windshield produces a smooth, clean wipe. Wipe quality tested to 1.5 million cycles, based on third party testing. See More


The flexible, asymmetric spoiler is designed to help cut through wind at higher speeds, and distribute pressure along the wiper to maintain optimum contact with the windshield. See More

InstalLock™ Adapter System

Allows for quick and secure installation on popular vehicles arms, including many specialty arms. One additional connector is included in the package to fit small and large pin-type arms. See More

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Clear visibility

January 5, 2021

Be advised that this is only one wiper, don't be like me that thought it was a pair. That's totally my fault for not double checking and not rain x's. However I think my mistake gives me a better opportunity to review these wipers. For the past 2-3ish weeks it's been raining and before this I hardly had to use my wipers. With the recent rains I noticed my wipers sucked bad. I ordered this one wiper and it came within 4 days. The day it came, the same night it began to rain. I didn't even have to turn on my wipers to see clearly because these wipers coat your windshield in the rain x solution. The next morning, for the first time ever in my 3 years in San Diego, there was actually ice on all my windows. Amazingly, the drivers side of my windshield, which I have the rain x wiper on, had no ice at all. That's the photo I included. I highly recommend this wiper and I feel you'll be just as amazed as I was by their performance!

- B. Klien


January 5, 2021

Recently bought these for my 2018 Ford Fusion and they are by far the worst blades I’ve ever tried. One has about 6” of blade that won’t even touch the glass and I’ve tried it on both sides and every time I lift them to clean the window or anything they fall off the cheap made clips. Going back to my favorites..BOSCH

- Justin Johnson


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