Rain-X® Truck & SUV Wiper Blade

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Heavy Duty Series
Premium Beam

Rain-X® Truck & SUV Wiper Blade

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Rain-X® Truck & SUV Wiper Blade

Engineered For All Driving Adventures

The Rain-X® Truck & SUV premium wiper blade is designed for those drivers who use their vehicles for work, play and outdoor adventures. Established in 2022, this unique Rain-X wiper blade is bigger and sleeker, looks great on any vehicle, and is ... built to take on driving tough challenges.


Premium Beam Technology

Contoured, Asymmetrical Spoiler with Variable Profile: Design changes gradually along the length of spoiler; engineered for reducing wind lift at high speeds See More

Blade Size ID

Blade size imprinted on the spoiler! Blade length identification allows for easy repurchase of Rain-X® wiper blades

Blade Change Indicator

Color change technology: Indicator turns from black to yellow to signal when it’s time to change the blades

Graphene Technology

Graphene Technology

Advanced Formula Synthetic Rubber Squeegee: Features a proprietary graphene coating for extended durability