P&H Arm: Installation Instructions for Rain‑X® Fusion®

Installation Video


  1. Remove the old wiper blade.
  2. Flip up the tab on the top of the blade.
  3. Remove the pre-installed adapter – To do this, rotate the adapter 90 degrees, then grip in on both ends and press firmly, the adapter will pop-off and detach.
  4. Now grab the special P&H arm adapter. Its tapered end faces away from the tab.
  5. Line up the tab’s middle cutout with the pin inside the connecter. Press it into place with a click.
  6. Push the tab closed until it clicks securely.
  7. Make sure the arm is in the upright position.
  8. Locate pin on the wiper arm and slide it though the blade bracket. You will need to tilt the blade in order for it to insert.
  9. Rotate the blade until it is held by the arm.
  10. Tug the blade to make sure it is properly fastened.
  11. Remove the plastic protective cover on the blade, and gently lower the wiper arm onto the windshield.