Rain-X® Windshield Repair Kit

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Rain-X® Windshield Repair Kit

600001 Rain-X Windshield Kit

Saves Time and Money by Repairing Chips and Cracks Quickly and Easily

Rain-X® Windshield Repair Kit helps minimize the appearance and stop the spread of chips and cracks in your windshield. It removes air from the break, fills it with durable resin and makes it even stronger than before. For best results, repairs shoul ...d be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs and before the break is contaminated by dirt or water. The kit works best on round damage not more than one inch in diameter and cracks not longer than 12 inches. It will not repair damage to more than one layer of glass.
Kit Components:

1 gram bottle of resin repair
Repair device
Curing strips
Sleeved razor blade
Instruction sheet



Easy to use-takes only minutes


Repairs all types of laminated windshields. Good for multiple repairs.


Advanced resin formula

What People Are Saying

Overall rating based on 50 reviews

This product works great!!!

March 18, 2023

This product works great. I have tried other brands before and got mediocre results. First off I suggest read the instructions completely and be familiar with all the components. So when you use the product you won't have to refer back to the instructions as often. Take your time and be very methodical. It will take a little longer than the instructions states but you will get much better results. It doesn't eliminate the crack completely but it made harder to notice and I feel more confident that the crack won't be growing.

- john

Not perfect but id the job

March 12, 2023

Used to repair a bulls-eye chip on a front windshield (did not fully penetrate the glass).The kit was reasonably easy to use and it mostly, though not completely hid the chip mark. Since the chip was in a hidden corner of the glass, I was not worried about appearance, but was concerned that water would seep in, then freeze and expand the damage til the windshield needed repalcement. I do not know if this would have happened, but the repair has held well through the first winter without any signs of expansion, so it seems to have been well worthwhile.

- Ambrose A. Dunn-meynell

Buy it!

March 07, 2023

Very pleased. I had approximately 14"crack on passenger side. 42 degrees out, very sunny day. Followed directions sort of, don't know that I went slow enough, but i went over crack twice as directed. put the curing sheets on and turned the car to sun. waited an hour or so. Scraping the the excess is hard, recommend getting a razor blade scraper. crack is barely noticeable. the top two inches didn't seem to take, so i redid that. all in all, very easy to fix cracks, works well. For the price it;s excellent value. If the crack reappears, i do it again. Way cheaper than a new windshield.

- David

Works Well

February 22, 2023

Wasn't perfect but significantly reduced crack and hopefully stopped it from spreading.

- Matt


February 17, 2023



Worked for me

January 27, 2023

I had a rock chip with a few star patterned crack's about quarter inch long radiating out from the center. I followed the directions, letting it sit under pressure about 10 minutes. I added a few more drops and let it sit some more under pressure. At first I thought it wasn't going to work. But after I repeated the process it filled the cracks. In the end it still has a small chip but the cracks are filled. I can live with that. If it holds, I saved $400 or so for a new windshield.

- Ed

Okay, but needs improving.

January 25, 2023

This works, but it requires more effort than the syringe type. I recommend you stay near and make sure the suction cups don't pop loose. This works only with pressure and struggles to fill in ALL the voids. The syringe type uses a vacuum. I also recommend warming the windshield before and during use.

- livestoread


December 24, 2022

Excellent quality & brand. It really works if you get to realize how to use it. It makes the small cracks go away and stops them from cracking any further. My recommendation is to read and realize the instruction.

- David E


December 21, 2022

It works but I can still tell where the cracks on

- Ran

Worked perfectly!

October 26, 2022

I read a lot of the reviews before purchasing this and I was a little apprehensive because of the negative reviews so I did a lot of research watching how to videos and decided to give it a try. In short the product works but only as good as the individual that is conducting the repair. As within anything take your time and it will work. All points and instructions from the manufacturer aside the main ingredient is the resin. The resin is what performs the repair. The rest of what comes in the kit is just to facilitate getting the resin into the crack. So, lining this or that up, waiting X number of minutes, and all of the other things are extra to the process so I made my focus not only on following the directions but focusing on if the resin had penetrated the chip. So, here are the steps that I used to repair mine that go a little more extended over what the manufacturer recommends. I am NOT a professional with windshields or the repair thereof so use my suggestions at your own risk. 1. After cleaning the area and scraping away any loose glass fragments identify the impact point. It is mostly likely NOT centered to the center of the chip itself. Once you find the impact point that is what should be dead center in the center ring tool when you put the center ring on the windshield and press down the suction cups to hold it in place. Else, if you put the center ring centered on the chip itself you may actually be only applying resin to the surface of the windshield and not even touching the actual crack(s). 2. From this point I followed the manufacturer's instruction for attaching the resin chamber, adding drops of resin into it and screwing in the plunger. I let this sit for about 10 minutes. 3. I then completely removed the plunger and from the inside of my windshield I "gently" tapped on the center of the chip to coax any air bubbles out of the crack(s) and then I added a couple more drops of resin and re-inserted the plunger (NOTE: Hold onto the resin chamber when unscrewing the plunger else the resin chamber will unscrew as well). I repeated this procedure about 3 times until I was satisfied that I had gotten most if not all the air bubbles out and that the resin had penetrated sufficiently. When this happens the chip will be almost invisible and you should only see "maybe" thin transparent lines where there were any cracks extend out from the point of impact. 4. I then removed the tools according to the manufacturers instructions, applied a drop of resin to the impact point and covered it with a curing strip from the kit. Once I moved my car to direct sunlight I let it sit for 20 minutes. I touched the curing strip all around the point of impact and saw that no resin was still liquid under the strip, removed it, and scrapped off the excess with the razor blade. Just remember, ignore time frames making you think it will only take X minutes. Do this around mid day, take your time, and I think you will be satisfied.

- Eric

Works very good at minimizing cracks

October 16, 2022

I was pretty amazed at how well this worked. I have a crack that is about 16 inches long and it kept getting larger. I had to try something and this worked very well, while the crack is still visible it is very hard to see. I am very happy with how this turned out. I would definitely recommend this product.

- Jeff

Patched up an "unrepairable" crack

October 12, 2022

The local glass windshield repair company refused to fix a 1.5" diameter spider crack with a huge indentation. I ordered this stuff, followed the directions and filled 80% of the cracks. Even though the huge pit can't be fixed, the resin should slow down crack propagation and increase the lifetime of my windshield. Beats buying another windshield.

- Biobuilder

Great service!

September 24, 2022

Great product and Service!

- Thomas Caswell

Super cool,working well

September 22, 2022

This is work

- Vladimir Pinsky

Windshield Self Repair

September 21, 2022

Easy order! Fast delivery! Great product!

- Tim

what crack?

September 21, 2022

catch the crack as soon as you can. I had a 3inch crack and it is good as new. I love this windshield repair magic.

- fylishander

Well it works, sort of

September 06, 2022

Well, it sort of works in that it seals the hole/crack, but it does not make it disappear, you can still see it and if it is in just the right spot, it is distracting.

- MickeyT

Walmart gets it right ...price and delivery!

September 06, 2022

Price and delivery were excellent! Have not tried product yet.

- 2829

Best option for multiple chips

September 05, 2022

Took a little trial and error but I was able to fix all 4 of my small rock chips. It's been a couple months. Cars been in hot heat and cold Temps as well washed during hot days and so far so good. Would buy again. It's easy to use if you take your time to read the instructions and are willing to fail once or twice learning how to use it

- Matthew Nava-molina

Great buy and great value

August 29, 2022

I bought this kit right after a rock hit my windshield and it worked like magic! It saved me $200 from replacing my windshield. Read instructions carefully! I wasted some resin oops

- Mitch

Peace of mind but still visible

August 23, 2022

Chips are still visible but this brings some peace of mind that they wont get worse... easy enough to use

- JP

Awesome product

August 14, 2022

This actually works. I had a big enough chip in my windshield (about a quarter size) and now it's gone…. I did it myself. I didn't even need a professional. Now my windshield is good as new. If I don't tell- you wouldn't know it is repaired/

- Yanique


August 06, 2022

I live out in the country and couldn’t find a place to plug my windshield nick. This was easy to use but not sure it worked. I couldn’t get the resin to fill the cracks correctly. Could have been operator error.

- Joy

Barely working

August 06, 2022

It made the crack smaller, that's it. Not the result I expected


Seriously impressed

August 03, 2022

Figures a few days before we are going on a road trip our windshield was attacked. The day prior I was just on the phone with my insurance company adjusting my deductible as it always seem like we always get a new rock chips on our yearly road trip. Doesn't matter how far back I stay away from trucks or dump trucks rocks find us. Anyway, since I wasn't going to scramble to get a new windshield only to know I'll likely get a new rock chip immediately, I went out and got this kit from a local store. I've seen similar products used on DIY Youtube channels so I figured what the heck and give it a try. Now the problem I ran into which isn't the fault of this kit is the location of the rock chip as it was about a 1/2in from the edge of the windshield. Meaning I couldn't get all 4 suction cups on the glass and lined over the impact area of the rock chip. So I broke off two of the suction cup legs and just hand press it down while following the instructions. Filled the main impact area with the filler/glue and then used the clear plastics strips to fill the spider cracks. As it was night time, I used a black light to activate the glue and let it cure. After 10-15mins I used the razer blade to scrap off the extra.I honestly think doing this at night might have helped get the better results as the glue wasn't curing as fast so it could get deeper in the cracks. We left our car outside so the morning and afternoon sun could continue the curing process. The next day while my wife while driving called and said the largest/longest crack has nearly disappeared. So it seems over time it continue to get better. You can still tell a rock chip was there, but out of the other 3 rock chips that were a 1/4 the size on our Windshield, this kit did a vastly better job making the rock chip smaller and list noticeable. I'm going to get another kit to have on standby as this work better than whatever the professional rock chip repair guys use on my other rock chips.

- Todd

Easy to use

July 31, 2022

Great results!!

- Stephanie P.

Great product and its works!

July 17, 2022

This product was easy and efficient

- April

Works!! Easy to use

July 16, 2022

Worked, easy to use, easy instructions!

- Amazon Customer

Good for the most part

July 10, 2022

I used this on a chip in my wife's Windshield before we sold it. It did a fabulous job. First time it did a bad job, but that was my fault. It is important that you feel around and find exactly where the opening is. You have to be centered right over that. Just putting the suction cup in the area of the chip will not work. I wish I had a before and after picture, it was barely noticeable after I did it right. I have a chip in my windshield that I didn't notice when I bought my new truck. I did it on mine and I have to re-do it because I was not spot on. It's a big truck and the chip is in the center of the windshield so it is difficult to get a good position. I watched a video on YT of a dude that had safelite repair his window....this is WAY better if you can do like I said. Reason being is the Safelite tech doesn't care.

- Bobby Bob Bobberbobbyson

Excellent results

July 07, 2022

Easy to use.Crack in windshield just disappeared.

- Louis L Braun

Great Value

July 04, 2022

I purchased this kit a few years ago when the windshield was cracked on my Honda and it worked great. This past week my car failed inspection for the bullseye in my "field of vision". (Sucb a scam) I have scratches in my required driving glasses bigger...haha. anywayI broke out the very same kit and repaired the windshield on my Toyota. Worked great. So not only does it save you $1k or more to replace the window, you have enough for several applications. I will always try this first before replacing.

- R&D

I mean… it kinda works

June 27, 2022

Honestly did fill it, but its more temporary than anything. I would just have safelite fix it honestly. But this will be fine if youre cheap.

- Tug 2162

Works As Advertised

June 21, 2022

My windshield ding was a “bullseye” a little smaller than a dime. I followed the instructions to the letter and when the process was finished, the ding was filled and unnoticeable. After the job was completed and I gave it time to bake in, I got up real close, knew where to look and had difficulty seeing any flaws at all. Up close I could notice a tiny irregularity, for all intents and purposes, it is imperceptive to the naked eye.I have also used this product in the past to fill a linear crack which about 3/4” long. It worked great for that as well. That was on a rental car and it saved me the headache of insurance claims and endless paperwork.For me, this product is 2 for 2 and has been worth every Penny paid.

- Amazon Customer

Simple to use

May 04, 2022

Worked great!

- Byron McCoy

Great do it yourself

April 27, 2022

Work great

- roger cureton

Easy to use!

April 24, 2022

Works great, easy to use and saved me a trip to the glass place.Very inexpensive way to fix a rock chip!

- Jeff Hansen

It works

April 09, 2022

Well for the price it’s fabulous.Stopped my chipped crack from spreading.Works fast too. Only for very minor repairs.Also don’t use too much or it will be messy.

- hetchyhiker

Did not work

April 01, 2022

I had about a 6” single crack and this did nothing, not even for the cosmetics. Hoping it will at least prevent the crack from growing

- Shannon Phelps

This product works.

March 21, 2022

I have used this product several times and it works. If the chip is small, I usually get 2 repairs from the bottle of resin. Make sure that you fix the chip right away.

- Gordon Gabert

Better than bought from Auto stores

March 18, 2022

I first started with products from Rileys and AutoZone and returned both as one didn't;t even have enough resin to work and saw RainX was high recommend and was just what needed.

- Steve Ecton


March 13, 2022

Worked excellent!!!! Can't even see the crack anymore!!!!!

- Mike

Rain X repair kit

March 04, 2022

I used this for a crack on my windshield, it is very use to use and what I did to help was watch a video on YouTube. The crack is still noticeableMy goal here was to diminish it and hopefully it would stop from growing. I had already fixed the bullseye. 2 days later had an appt left the car in the sun and when I came back the crack grew around 3-4 inches. Figured I buy this to help.

- Katherine

Take your time to clear out any loose glass chips you'll get a better result that way

March 01, 2022

Could have better directions for use, considering it's meant for non-tech folks.

- jimbow2008

It works!

February 11, 2022

I was a bit skeptical that it would work, but after reading reviews decided to give it a try.Japanese import windshield was going to take a while to get so had nothing to lose.Two bullseyes we're clearly filled and I had to look close to see where they were.The 15 inch crack was greatly improved.No further movement.Follow the directions and don't get in a hurry.Total process about an hour.Worth the $11!

- Stan T

Works when mobile auto glass companies won't

January 19, 2022

Follow the directions. Worked better than I expected. I had two circle cracks inside of each other, one 1" and one 2". The inner crack was almost all crushed bits. Mobile auto glass companies (called 3) refused to fix anything bigger than 5/8". Figured $10 bucks was worth a shot over a total windshield replacemnt ($2000-3000 ). Car is only worth $4000. This product completely sealed the inner 1" crushed glass and almost repaired the 2" crack. If I had more patience and a steadier hand, I probably could of completely removed all traces of the crack. Very impressed. Will use this product again.

- Ellery

Rain-X fixed

December 29, 2021

I only had a few little knicks in my windshield, not any big bullet or star punch.But I travel to the snow country frequently, so did not want to take any chances with a further crack, in freezing temps. I really did not use the suction cup and applicator.I simply dripped the liquid over the bad spots, applied the plastic coverings, let it sit in the sun.Then pressed hard and rubbed on the plastic strips, until fully dried. This seemed to work just fine.And I will continue to use the Rain-X Fix as needed. Easy !

- Andrew from Nor Cal.

Saved me $1200

December 10, 2021

I actually had a dime size white bull’s-eye, and approximately 2-inch crack emanating from it on The lower left corner of my Tesla glass rooftop. None of the glass repair people would attempt to do a repair on it, so with nothing to lose, I decided to try this product. Honestly, the bull’s-eye section cannot be found now. The crack, is nearly invisible unless you really try to find the right angle. It was the best money I have spent all year.

- Jeff V.

The repair shops should be worried

November 16, 2021

This filled my "Star" chip perfectly. Gonna buy another just to have on hand

- GeneralGuttless


November 14, 2021

I was dubious that a cracked windshield could be fixed but it actually worked! Still shocked.

- Bakery.Babe

Easy to use

October 25, 2021

Works great on small chips/cracks. Easy to use and simple directions.

- Kelly Moore