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Water Repellency
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Rain-X® Quantum® Wiper Blades

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The Rain-X® Quantum® Wiper Blade has breakthrough technology that applies water repelling coating as you wipe your windshield and has a unique blade change indicator to remind you when to change your blades.


Water repelling coating

Contains a water repelling coating that is applied as you wipe and lasts for months

Blade change indicator

Changes color over time from black to yellow to remind you when to change the blades

OE Design

Found on many new cars including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Ford and GM vehicles

Easy connector system

Comes preinstalled with adapters to handle 87% of all vehicles without having to change the adapter

What People Are Saying

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Dont listen to what the other review says

February 22, 2021

I purchased 4 wiper blades, 2 for my Honda Accord and 2 for my girlfriends Acura MDX. Installation was super easy and quick, and contrary to what the other review by Theodore says (the the wiper blades stay on securely and I dont have to worry about any issues with the connection being loose or unstable. I think Theodore was just an idiot who couldn’t figure out how to install a wiper blade. Fuck you Theodore. The wipers are excellent compared to previous wipers I’ve used, and the water repellent coating is amazing. Definitely the best wiper blades you can get on the market right now

- Colby G

Awesome !

February 22, 2021

Great blades ! Easy to install. Cool feature with the sticker that changes from black to yellow meaning it’s time for a new blade instead of guessing !!

- Jasper Brar

Good and bad

January 5, 2021

I bought a pair of these for my Honda Accord. The wipers work great. As advertised, they keep the water beaded up on the windshield. The clips to secure them to the wiper arm - that's a completely different story. Neither clip will stay secured, which means that I hope they won't come flying off in a heavy rain! I have to stop and try - TRY!! - to keep the clip secure so that they won't come off. Would I recommend them? Probably not since they won't stay secured top the wiper arm.

- Theodore Kearley


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