Rain‑X® Bug & Tar Pre-wash Gel Spray on. Soak. Wash Away.

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Rain‑X® Bug & Tar Pre-Wash Gel visibly fights to remove tough stains on your vehicle’s surface. The powerful gel clings to your car’s surface to effectively dissolve bugs, tar and bird dropping.

Product Features

  • Removes tough stains quickly and easily
  • Ideal for cleaning your vehicle after long road trips
  • Safe for use on all exterior metal, glass and plastic surfaces – clear coat safe
  • No scrubbing required – spray on, let the formula soak and wash away
  • Available in 23oz an 16oz sizes

Product Usage Instructions

  • Rinse excess dirt off vehicle
  • Spray Rain‑X® Bug & Tar Pre-Wash Gel directly onto bug and tar residue
  • Wait for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Wash with Rain‑X® car wash product