• Steel Claw

    Robust pressure distribution on the windshield creates a more thorough, streak-free wipe.

  • Aerodynamic Design

    Sleek shape contours to the windshield, helping to prevent high-speed wind lift.

  • Superior Squeegee

    Synthetic rubber delivers a smoother, more reliable wipe in all climates.

  • All-Weather Casing

    Exterior armor prevents clogging in climates with ice and snow.

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New Rain‑X® Fusion® is the next generation in wiper blades. By upgrading the trusted wipe quality of a conventional wiper blade with an aerodynamic, heavy-duty design, Rain‑X® Fusion® ensures you retain excellent visibility in any weather driving condition. Rain‑X® Fusion® is the perfect upgrade from traditional wiper blades.

Product Features

  • Durable, tested design – exceeds tough auto manufacturer standards and outperforms flimsy ‘knock-off’ wipers
  • Synthetic rubber squeegee – delivers superior, all-weather wipe quality
  • Durable wiper blade casing – prevents clogging in climates with ice and snow
  • Aerodynamic, sturdy design – helps prevent high-speed wind lift
  • Improved windshield contact – for a smooth, streak-free wipe
  • Sleeker, modern design – the perfect upgrade from traditional wiper blades
  • Replacement blade – for factory installed hybrid wiper blades
  • Easy to install – pre-installed with small j-hook adaptor and also fits large j-hook and side pin wiper arms